Making Me New

This blog post is a melting pot of ideas and principles that have been thrust upon me recently by a loving God through loving people. I can’t help but share.

December is a time of reflection. If you aren’t making resolutions, you are at least reassessing, compartmentalizing 2011 into a catalog to recall in short spurts of excitement.

“Yeah, this year is great!” “I’ve been so happy this year!” “It’s been awesome!” “We’ve had so much fun!”

But what if, for you, it hasn’t? What if the only thing you’re happy about is that 2011 will soon expire?

Or the more pointed question….

What if 2011 left you broken?

As we discussed this in a circle of friends, we quickly began to see through our very own examples that everyone is. Everyone IS broken. Everyone hurts. Everyone feels pain and regret and remorse.

But what if it wasn’t even 2011? What if 2008 left you broken? What if it was 1995? What if you’ve been carrying around shredded pieces of your broken life hoping that eventually it will fall back in the recesses of your mind and you’ll FORGET how broken you are!

I’ve heard that time heals all wounds, but I don’t believe it. It doesn’t. Because time just doesn’t have that kind of power. God does.

It’s not time that really heals, it’s God.

Maybe the best thing we can possibly do to end 2011…is not forget, but forgive.

Forgiveness may be the most powerful gift Christians possess.When God sought to make mankind in His own image, He gave us the power of forgiveness, to forgive just as He does. Forgive others and, even harder, forgive ourselves. Because like it or not, we aren’t strong enough to carry around those broken shreds of life. We weren’t meant to live that way. We can’t.

Thanks be to God that we don’t have to. Because He sent Jesus to take all those broken, shattered lives onto Himself and straight to the cross. He was destroyed, and the brokenness with Him. Then, three days later, He was made completely new. And when we become His followers, we are made new, too.

2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

Forgive. Forgive because we are Christ’s family. Forgive because we’ve been forgiven. Forgive because we aren’t meant to live broken.

Forgive because we are being made new.