How do you find Zimbabwe?

Yesterday, the church at Nkulumane hosted a Sunday event for all the churches in Bulawayo. Over 500 brethren attended, although it was not without effort or difficulty. Our brothers and sisters piled thirty deep in the back of flatbed trucks or walked for miles to attend the services. But distance did not stop them.

Every time we were greeted by a smiling Zimbabwean face, they inquired, “And how do you find Zimbabwe?” Rolling blackouts, bottled water, sponge baths, and dry winds. How do I find Zimbabwe? I find it thoroughly refreshing. We find it lovely.

I’ve never been met with such warmth as these Christian brothers and sisters extend.

I had the opportunity to teach a young ladies’ class before worship on Sunday. About thirty women participated, and it was a blessing to me.  We were in the same big room as the adult class, where Dorian was teaching also. Have you ever had to talk over Dorian Flynn? I wouldn’t recommend it.

Saturday we were able to help with the weekly Bible study and feeding at Nkulumane. Thirty children attend every week, and because of the hearts of people in Africa and in America, they are able to receive spiritual and physical nourishment.

I am off to spent time with Hailey and Noma Mlengani for two days while the rest of our group travels to Victoria Falls. I cannot wait to see how the rest of this week unfolds. Thank you for all the prayers. I see them fulfilled daily. Until next time…