Stepping out on the Water

You know when Peter, the disciple who irrevocably kept his foot in his mouth, walked on water? I’ve recently found him to be a very, very brave man. Yes, he was hot-headed. Yes, he was quick-tongued. But in this instance, he was dauntless. He was determined. And he was looking right into the eyes of Jesus.

Sometimes God calls us to step out onto the street. Sometimes He asks us to step into someone’s life or into someone’s shoes. And sometimes He asks us to step in a place that seems totally nonsensical.

Peter must have felt that. He must have known in the back of his mind that this was crazy. But he just looked to Jesus and found His foundation not in the watery depths of the ocean, but in the tender, firm gaze of his Savior.

When we look into the eyes and heart of Jesus, we find love. We find purpose. We find resolve. And when we seek after Him, we find ourselves stepping into places that once seemed impossible, improbable, and impenetrable.

Yet we go. Peter did. It was imperative to his life as Christ’s friend and servant. And recently, I’ve been assured that it is imperative to my life, too.

So, here we go…

“If you say go, we will go. If you say wait, we will wait. If you say step out on the water, and they say it can’t be done, We’ll fix our eyes on you, and we will come.”